Price List `

Price List

Please note that the WFC is open only to internal users, community groups and external organisations.

The WFC is not currently open to the general public until further notice (COVID-19).

However, due to social distancing imposed due to COVID-19, the main hall can cater for 60 people whilst the meeting room can cater for 20 until further notice!

Studio Hire Rates & Services

For further information please contact

Meeting Room Hire 

  • £25.00 per hour (Terms & conditions apply)
  • £20.00 per hour for long term contracts. Available only after 3 months probation (6 – 12 months)

Returnable deposit £100.00 (Terms & conditions apply)

This Includes:

Kitchen (Terms & conditions apply)

Hall Hire Price

  • £70.00 per hour (Subject to terms & conditions) 11:00pm close
  • £200.00 per hour (Subject to terms & conditions) After 11:00pm
  • £15.00 per hour for Preparation time (Terms & conditions apply)

This includes the Main Hall, Bar-room with Kitchen window access, Full use of the kitchen, Professional PA system.

Weekend hire (Friday, Saturday & Sunday) hire starts from 7:00pm

Returnable Deposit £500.00  (Terms & conditions apply)
Minimum 4 hour booking

Office Lettings

Prices start from £500.00 (Terms & conditions apply)

Minimum contract 6 months