Hawa Trust `

Hawa Trust

Hawa-TrustHAWA TRUST is a Hackney-based community organisation fighting to eliminate Female Genital Mutilation (especially in relation to HIV), and violence against women and girls.

Hawa Trust is registered charity and it is a grassroots local organization working in Hackney to support communities to tackle FGM, engage with them to change attitudes, provide information for young women and girls, and provide referrals to other organisations and statutory services.




Specifically, HAWA TRUST engages in the following activities: –

  • Sensitization and awareness rising of FGM/C and HIV among local communities
  • Formation of FGM community Champions
  • Training of health and other professionals to address FGM in their practice,
  • Schools visits –coffee mornings, parent evenings, presentations
  • Drop in services to inform girls and young women about the risks and dangers of FGM
  • Counselling of victims and potential victims
  • Referrals to statutory services for further FGM treatment including possible surgery  and counselling
  • Working with other community organisations and the local council to initiate policies and guidelines to prevent and with FGM
  • Engaging with community leaders- like pastors, imams, youth leaders, and heads of  community organisations- to involve them in FGM prevention
  • Involving younger and older men in the efforts to eliminate FGM
  • Providing alternative summer activities for young people
  • Working with young people to reduce anti-social behaviour
  • Providing advice and referrals to access public services including housing, training  and medical support
  • We support survivors of FGM/C in Hackney and London with a range of services and  activities to aid their recovery. We work with communities to provided support survivors FGM/C to help deal with the trauma experienced.
  • Support schools to create an open and safe environment where young people know they will receive support around FGM issues
  • Empowers faith leaders and community groups by delivering a range of services to improve their practices to end FGM/C
  • One to One Support